Lockney ISD's 2022 Accountability Ratings

District- B
High School- B
Junior High- Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365
Elementary- B

The Elementary and the High School have returned to their pre-COVID performance levels and are within striking distance of an "A" this year. (High School was 5 points shy and the Elementary missed it by 1 point.) Our Junior High performance level was well below our pre-COVID performance levels. Please know that every effort is being made to ensure that these students recover and accelerate their learning to compensate for the slide. The Junior High had taken two steps forward. 2022 was definitely one step back.

We are very proud of our students and staff for their efforts to regain the academic momentum we had prior to COVID. We will complete that process in 2023. The students still showing a need for recovery will be given every opportunity to do so. This will take extra time and effort from our students and staff but we are up for the task.

While we are implementing a comprehensive plan for improvement across the district, there are several things you can do immediately to help promote daily academic growth.

1. Students must attend school daily. They need to be here well-rested and ready to engage in learning. Please have them here daily.
2. Students need to communicate what they have learned. Please ask your child what they learned each day and do not let them off of the hook with an incomplete answer. They must learn to communicate on an academic level.
3. We must raise our expectations for our students. Expect and require your child's best effort on the work that they do. Their work is designed to result in learning. If they do not do their work or do it with minimal effort, learning will not happen.
4. Our kids must have hope for their future. Please engage your child in conversation about his/her dreams for the future. No work is worth the effort if we do not believe it will lead to some form of reward.

I want to be clear that LISD does not believe the state tests are the only measure of student learning. That being said, if an A is available, that is what we will strive to earn. Our students are totally capable of this goal...if we are all in it together.

Thank you to the teachers and parents who have worked so hard with our students. Please keep up the good work.

It will take a village to do this. Let's get after it!