Healthy Choices

Important Notice to Junior High Parents

As part of a safer school initiative, Lockney Junior High will have a closed campus for lunch beginning this year.

Upon the recommendations of the Student Health Advisory Committee and out of regard for the safety and supervision of our students, LISD will provide lunch for our Junior High Students on campus in the High School Gym. With the exception of a parent signing a student out for lunch, all students will remain on campus for lunch. Please note that all students in Lockney ISD are provided a meal at no cost to the child.

Parents of JH Students may sign their child out of school to leave for lunch each day, but students will be allowed to leave only with their own parent/guardian. It will be the parent's responsibility to have the child back to school in time for their next class.

Students may bring a lunch to school if they choose.

Students may arrange for the delivery of a lunch. (details are forthcoming)

This change is part of a larger response to keep our students safer while at school. It will also prevent many of the issues that were resulting from students gathering in homes without supervision. We also hope this will encourage our students to eat a healthy lunch instead of purchasing chips and a soft drink or going without a meal.

We understand that this will be a new chapter for Lockney Junior High and that this decision will be unpopular with many. We appreciate your support and understanding as we strive to keep our students safe and healthy.