Good morning.

Based upon the information we received from our instructional school calendar survey of teachers and parents, the recommendation of the Calendar Task Force, and the recommendation of the District of Innovation/Improvement Committee, the Lockney ISD Board of Trustees voted to approve a 4-Day Instructional Week for the 2021-2022 School Year.

We are excited for this opportunity and we are committed to developing an outstanding implementation plan for this calendar.  We are still in the process of developing the details of the plan but we can share the general concepts.

First and foremost, we want to emphasize that we value teaching and learning.  We recognize that great teaching cannot occur without great planning.  We also recognize that Texas teachers have been asked to use their own time to plan, grade, and provide feedback to students for years.  This calendar will acknowledge the importance of these processes and allow teachers time to plan effective and efficient lessons that will result in even greater learning.  It is our hope that the value we are placing on effective planning, assessment, and feedback, will help Lockney ISD attract and retain great teachers while providing excellent opportunities for our students.

Here is what the concept looks like.

-Our teachers and staff will continue to be paid based on 187 days.
-Teachers will have students in the classroom for 148 days.
-Teachers will have 16 days of in-service, staff development, or teacher workdays.
-Teachers will have 2 days assigned to work with students needing services on the 5th day.
-This calendar identifies 166 on-campus work days for teachers.
-This calendar also recognizes 21 non-instructional days for teachers to plan, assess, and provide feedback.
-Teachers will be allowed to work off campus on these days as long as they are meeting the expectations of effective planning, assessment, and feedback.
-Mondays will be considered the "5th Day."
-Meals will be available for all students on the 5th Day.
-Parents/Guardians who verify a true need for 5th Day services will be provided services on Mondays.  (5th Day Camp)

Parents, there will be much more information coming to you regarding this calendar and instructional format.  The biggest question asked to date revolves around school start and end time.  Our morning call to class bell will ring at 7:40 am and our final release bell will ring at 4:15.  The first day of school will be August 17th and graduation will be May 20th.  (We are aware of a misconception that the school day would go later than 5:00 and that the students would lose a large portion of their summer.  Neither of these misconceptions are true.)  

There are a lot of details to be ironed out over the course of the next two months.  For now, we will be gathering "frequently asked questions" to help guide that ironing process.

Know this.  Your school board is committed to ensuring that Lockney ISD is a viable and progressive school district.  They understand that this cannot happen without teachers who are committed to the success of our students.  They have approved this format to encourage excellence.  That is exactly what we will provide.

We look forward to the challenge of attaining excellence.