Lockney Elementary Principal, Michael Michaleson

"Welcome to Lockney Elementary School and information you need about our fantastic campus. I believe we have the best campus in the area and it is because of the dedication of the fantastic people who show up every day to give their best for your kids." ~ Mike Michaleson


Contact Information:

Phone - (806) 652-3321

Email - michaelson.mike@lockneyisd.net

About Mr. Michaleson

I've been an educator now for 30 plus years at all levels - teaching junior high and high school, assistant principal at a junior high, principal at two high schools, a middle school and now an elementary school as well as a superintendent of schools for 8 years as well. I've been in both New Mexico and Texas, but always within a two hour radius of Lubbock, so the South Plains is my home. In my experience, every position, every district, every community - large or small - has its own unique culture and I absolutely love the one that we have built here in Lockney. We work hard to make sure school is a safe, fun and structured environment for our kids to develop the characteristics of our District motto: WE Care About the KidS! 

Lockney Elementary School Promise

Our staff promise to do everything we can to instill the concept of a strong work ethic, character, attitude, knowledge and skills to use in their life. We believe these traits will give our kids an advantage in a post secondary work environment that will give them the best opportunity to succeed wherever life takes them next. A great elementary experience is the key foundation of education and our staff take that to heart. You will find adults here that, above all, love. It's not always easy. It definitely takes a tremendous amount of work, but it is always worth it. Nothing brings greater satisfaction to an educator's heart than seeing students succeed. Thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession. It is an honor to be able to serve you and your family. The faculty and staff at Lockney Elementary School believe the same.