Lockney ISD 5th Day Camp

For PK-6th Graders

What is Lockney ISD's "5th Day Camp?" 5th Day Camp is a program that will serve qualifying students with an educational setting on our non-instructional Mondays. (5th Day) The Camp has been established only for those students in grades Pre-K through 6th who have no adult supervision at home due to parental work schedules and a lack of outside adult supervision. According to our survey in the spring of 2021, about 35% of our parents were concerned about providing adult supervision. LISD can meet this need. Students attending 5th Day Camp will come to school during regular hours on Mondays. The students will be provided with breakfast and lunch and will engage in learning and recreational activities throughout the day. The teachers of Lockney ISD will provide learning activities with the assistance of our instructional aides and a 5th Day Camp Coordinator. The camp will be held every instructional week with the exception of those weeks in which School Holidays, Teacher Workdays, or Teacher In-Service days are scheduled on Mondays. You will find these scheduled events on our district calendar. Camp hours are consistent with the regular school day. Important: We are currently not scheduling transportation to school on 5th Day Camp Days. Students with inconsistent attendance or persistent behavioral issues will be removed from 5th Day Camp. If you have a student who is in Pre-K through 6th Grade and you are unable to attain adult supervision for him/her on Mondays, please go to the following link to apply for 5th Day Camp services. Acceptance will be based upon supervision needs. -- Jim Baum, Superintendent Lockney Independent School District