Basketball Gymnasium Information

Basketball Game Specifics

First off, I want to apologize for having to take the following measures. It is our sincere hope that these procedures will protect our students and our guests from this terrible pandemic. If you have any questions, please let me know.

1. We will give vouchers to our student athletes that will allow their family to purchase tickets at the door.

2. Only people with a voucher will be allowed to purchase tickets and attend the game.

3. Vouchers will be for a "box" of up to four seats and will be contest-specific. (A voucher for the JV Girls game will not allow access to the Varsity Girls game.)

4. Guests will not be required to purchase all four tickets in a "box." Any seats within the box that are not purchased by the voucher holder will remain unused. ($3 per seat)

5. We will clear the gym after each contest to sanitize. Only guests with vouchers for the next contest will be allowed back in the gym. (Once a guest has paid for an individual contest, they will not be charged for subsequent contests.)

5. Our concession stand will be very limited. Items consumed at the gymnasium must be eaten in the gym lobby. No food or drink will be allowed in the competition area of the gym so that masks may be worn at all times.

6. Masks are to be worn at all times while in the competition area of the gymnasium. Anyone choosing not to wear their mask in the competition area will be required to leave the gym and will not be allowed to reenter for later contests.

To maintain social distancing standards, we will have 17 boxes of four seats on our home side. Each of our student athletes and coaches will be given access to a box seat. 

For sub-varsity games, any remaining vouchers will be available at the gate.

For varsity games, we will give our senior athletes first opportunity for a second voucher and any remaining vouchers will then be available at the gate.

We will try to post the number of available vouchers on our LISD Facebook page.

Please note. There are only 68 total seats available on the home side. This means there will be very few...if available for the general public.  We hope to stream the games so that you may still enjoy the season.