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Destiny Discover allows students to see any book in the library, including new additions!

Check out ALL RESOURCE links available to teachers and students here! Perfect for your next research paper or just learning something new!

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Mission Statement

The mission of the library media program is to ensure that the students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.

This mission is accomplished by:

  • providing intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats;

  • providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas;

  • working with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students.

The library shall also foster learning in all students in a positive, caring, and motivational atmosphere and to provide and encourage a successful learning experience.

Freedom Statement

It is the belief of the Lockney Library Media Center that reading is a joy, a privilege, and the right of every student. As students select the library books they will read, they should understand that not every book is the best choice for every student. If a book is unappealing or offensive to a student in any way, they should return it and select another. 

Library Media Center - Important Links


Additional Resources, Support and Fun!

STEM center

STEM Center

The STEM Center includes tactile, interactive resources, including a 3D Pen (used for building STEM related items) and brain games. Students can challenge themselves, work with their hands, and engage in fun learning related to science, math and technology and engineering!


Puzzles & Brain Games

Puzzles and brain games challenge our minds in fun and interesting ways. You can often find students working on the many puzzles offered in the Library during their down time!

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All The Extras

Ms. Zavala also provides students with additional resources, such as battery power packs, headphones, and assistant technology! Students can visit the Library Resource Center to work on school projects, listen to their favorite educational projects and so much more!