Dear Lockney ISD Parents, Staff, and Students,
Since March of 2020, LISD has done our best to subscribe to the safest COVID-19 Mitigation Protocols possible. We have adhered to the Region One Department of State Health Services recommendations which have been based upon the Centers for Disease Control’s recommended practices. These protocols are the most stringent and safest practices regarding this pandemic. TEA has given guidance for protocols but it has been much more lax than that of our health officials.
The Governor’s lifting of the mask mandate this week has put our schools in a very precarious position. The CDC and the DSHS both recommend that the wearing of masks continue in our schools. The Texas Education Agency has made the same recommendation but has given local School Boards the authority to relax the mask mandates for schools.
The LISD Board would like to receive input from our parents, students, and staff regarding these issues as they continue to put our students’ health first. Please respond to the following so that we might better understand your position on these very important issues.
Please use the links below to fill out your survey.
Thank you for your input. This information will be presented to our Board of Trustees for consideration during the March board meeting.

Jim Baum, Superintendent

Please click one of the following links that meet your needs: (Staff and Students will be required to use their school e-mails to submit their survey)

Parents Covid Protocol Survey

Staff Covid Protocol Survey

Students Covid Protocol Survey