Lockney Jr. High Principal, Dewayne Jones

"Welcome to Lockney Jr. High, where our goal is to continue to support students through the stage of education where they experience major transitions from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school. These transitions can be challenging, but our passionate staff care about our students and are dedicated to helping them succeed both as learners and individuals." ~ Dewayne Jones


Contact Information:

Phone - (806) 652-2236

Email - jones.dewayne@lockneyisd.net

About Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones has been in the education field since 2002.  He spent 2 years in Beijing as an English teacher, then 4 years in Texas as the head of the mathematics department at NYOS Charter School (teaching high school math), 2008 - 2018 taught engineering mathematics at Sino-British College, USST in Shanghai (also served as head of department), and in 2018 started at SMIC as a high school math teacher and head of department.  In 2019, Mr. Jones was offered an administrative position at SMIC and served as the vice principal for 2 years for all of middle school and high school, then served as principal of the middle school for one year.  He returned back to the states in 2022 and took up his current position as principal of Lockney Junior High.  He says that his passion for administration has equaled his passion for teaching.

"Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the world!" -Ghandi