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Daily Update: We had another really good day today. Our fantastic feeding crew served well over 300 meals, the admin team took time to sit down and synchronize our efforts, our tech crew went to work on formatting over 100 computers, and we shifted gears again on rolling devices and materials out to our students. Did I say we would have to remain flexible?

As I said before, this will not be easy...but it will be worth it.

The biggest concern that we are facing right now is that we may be missing a lot of parents in our communications. To address this, we need you to watch for a couple of things over the next two days.

1. If you do not receive an automated call from us by 8:00 a.m on Friday, your current number is not in our system. Please call your campus office and update you contact information.

2. If you do not receive an email from us by 8:00 a.m. on Friday, your current email is not in our system. Please contact your campus office to update your contact information.

Finally, every campus now has a FaceBook page. Please follow each campus page for the campuses that your children attend as well as our district page. This will give you access to campus specific information and whole-district communication.

Thank you all for your support. By this time next week, we will all be pros.