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Parent Information for Student Online Safety

Parent and Teacher Information for Student Online Safety


Parent Advice for Social Networking for Kids

This website includes many topics regarding internet safety and resources for parents to keep their children safe while online.


Common Sense About Online Safety

This site provides lessons and videos on how the parent at home as well as the teacher in the classroom, can help keep children safe while online.  This site provides information separated by grade level to better assist you.


NET CETERA: Chatting with Kids About Being Online

This document provides advice for parents with children of different age groups.

Student Guide to Internet Safety

The internet has revolutionized the way human beings interact with the world.  At the click of a mouse, anybody can access a worldwide library of information, entertainment, and social media!  The internet makes it easy for people to express themselves and network with like-minded individuals.  While the internet offers a fascinating way to connect to the world around us, it also presents new dangers.


Just For You - Parents and what you need to know

This is a government publication about Avoiding scams, securing your computer, protecting your kids online, being a smart online user, videos and media, and many other topics.


Smart Phones Posting Could Put Your Privacy at Risk

A video that discusses how an innocent picture upload or email, could be putting your privacy at risk

More Information for Student Online Safety


Internet Safety

This video discusses the importance of protecting your person information online and being aware of who you are chatting with online


What You Post Today:

This video is a report on how employers and colleges are beginning to look at social media profiles when determining hiring decisions or college admissions.


This Video discusses what cyberbullying is and how you can report it



This video discusses what spyware is and how it works


Computer Viruses

This video discusses what computer viruses are and how they work


Voiding a Viruses Infection

This video discusses how to avoid getting your computer infected with a virus

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